I am interested in a lot of things. Outside of my job as a project manager in IT consultancy I enjoy writing, reading, spending time with my family, martial arts, coding, experimenting with film making, discussing philosophy, math, history and literature, playing (video) games, getting in shape, travelling, bantering on social media, goofing around on podcasts, and many more things. Where do I find the time? Heck if I know. Mostly, I don't. But occasionally I'll bite stubbornly into a project and not let go until it's done.

I think it's important to be kind, and to consider your responsibilities and not just your rights. I don't think the world is a zero-sum game, where winning is the pinnacle of achievement.

When you don’t trust enough, people become untrustworthy.
— Lao-Tzu, Tao Teh Ching