A Bounty of Silence

There is a wildness unleashed,

Upon a world once perfunctorily civil.

Blood-flecked chains once thought broken

Now forged anew in furnaces of fear.


And what lessons might we learn,

From our forgotten histories,

That lie gathering dust on the shelves

Of de-funded libraries and schools?


Listen, and the Past will speak to you,

See, and the Future will part its fog,

This is not some strange magic,

But the bounty of silence.


At its heart, it is all about Silence.

Those who seek it to open their senses,

Those who drown it to mute theirs,

And those who impose it on others.


The opposite of silence is not sound,

The opposite of silence is noise,

Do not let them distract you with it,

Find the silence,

Still your fear,

listen and then…


- Saket Kulkarni, 29 December 2016

Aidan Kulkarni

Aidan Kulkarni